What's the 411?

Collectibles Nation is an interactive fan based hobby.
With input from you, our fellow fans, we continually create Officially Licensed Collectibles that are innovative, cutting edge, and most importantly, Limited Edition!

You can interact with other Garbage Pail Kids collectors and with us on the GPK Nation Facebook group

Our launches are not for the faint of heart.
So many fans have posted on social media that they get a rush when our newest products launch. In fact, their Apple Watches or FitBits detect an elevated heart heart when it's time for a new coin or pin to drop on our website! As they vie for our latest Officially Licensed Collectible, the adrenaline of the product launch creates such a rush that their smart device alerts them that they are exercising! Maybe it's because our stuff sells out so quickly? Maybe it's because they are so excited to add it to their collection? Maybe it's both!

What's a Door Prize and how do you win?
Step one is simple, order a limited edition collectible from our launch. We choose random orders to receive "door prizes" and add extra items to those orders for FREE before they ship. We also have a BIG DOOR PRIZE with each launch. The Big Door Prize Winner is chosen at random from the GPK Nation Facebook Group. Each launch day there is a post for the contest. Those who place an order from that launch can enter their order number into the comments. The winner is chosen at random from those entries and the prize is always spectacular!